DSCE Global - Regional - Local Coverage

DSCE has a track record of over 25 years working in Suppy Chain - Ecommerce and logistics projects. Corner stones of the DSCE results are international team based references, presented by case studies and rusult based summaries

DSCE Plan - Build - Run Approach

DSCE can focus on a complete Plan - Build - Run project or support in specified project phases in Ecommerce, Logistics, Supply Chain and Digital Transformtion


Based on customers and markets DSCE Team will analyse the current design and set up of the current company business processes. The results of the current company performance and future requirements decide on the planning clusters, which lead to a future business process design, utilizing innovation tools, local and global knowledge and qualitative and measurable change programs and calculations


The reality of the planning will show in the building or implementation phase. DSCE supports in building the Tech infrastructure, Tech software, physical operation  and organisational multicultural set up. Moduls can be implemented stand alone or with third parties.

DSCE-Running of operations

In phases of structural instability or vacancy of white collar staff DSCE offers Interimsmanagement in any Ecommerce, Digital Transformation, logistics or supply chain business. The support can be extended up to 3 years.