DIGITAL Technology Disruption 2030 /7 AI base Software will change machines to EAMPs 2022

Digital Technology Disruption in retail, AUTOMOTIVE and LOGISTICS

EAMP Opportuniies Germany

Digital Logistics 2030-7:


How AI-Based Software can change technical machines to EAMPs, Semi-EAMP revolution part 2


 This is a new blog about the EAMP-revolution to come from:

  •  today's, inefficient underutilized infrastructure,
  • with Tech-Monopolists exploiting the bricks and mortar and logistics markets,
  • bringing innovations for better company results and targets and 

  missing out on: 

  • Growth in Super Human Capabilities and
  • DIGITAL Freedom rights on the Declaration of Independence.

Maybe some of you feel now WOW or are ready for likes and appreciation. More important is the WHY?


We are in 2017 and should have another DIGITAL Declaration of Independence.


We should work and like SUPER Human capabilities.


We should create a WORLD of Digital Diversity.


A DIGITAL SUPER WORLD for the next generations to come.


  • WHY are we lagging behind?
  • WHY are we creating anger for losses in jobs, wars, AI enemies?

 I believe the answer is as often in human history:


WE miss out on CHANGE. So please listen and let us DISCUSS Digital Change Management:


Digital Change Management (DCM) creates a new Innovation-based unlimited Century, Millennium for Humanity, if you understand the drivers of DCM.



The Digital Transformation creates a nearly light speed change potential for every human being. Any change you put in words or calculation in your laptop, Tablet or smartphone can change worldwide transactions, which YOU must understand and control. 30 years back we printed and calculated on paper, now we write and calculate on Digital Media. Faster means not better, but faster challenges to be better, for everybody, (elite) groups and presidents. The DSC Driver SPEED creates Super Human behavior of our tools are used right, it creates destruction and silliness, if we allow to be controlled.




DCM Driver IT-Software

New Digital Transformation Software enables every human development of IT Systems, Apps or Front-End Diversity Solutions. Many do not know but we are used to customize our smart phones, tablets and computers. We can customize our machines, housings- and mobility tools with DCM Software. But we feel a threat of losing control of cars, kitchen machines, houses and technical utility tools, like watches or shoes. We are frightened to improve technology with DCM Software because our senses are based on animal tools, we breath, walk, listen and watch with the tool set of aged instruments for 30.000 years or more. DCM Software can change individual humanity barriers to a new human network design, which will be as radical as the Declaration of Independence. The governance of kings and emperors changed to democracy, and we still fight for it. The individual blood bath of earth, nature and science will change with DCM IT Software to combined, multi user humanity networks, opening our senses to complete new dimensions.




DCM Driver DNA

We are a genetic power which grows by true mutations to the better and we and our children will adopt the better for an Intelligent Race, for a transcendent race, for a race to grow and unite the universe for the better. Our DNA has been planted by an extraterrestrial god and grew to an intelligent, new race. It will achieve another still unforeseen and beautiful mutation to a Super Human breed, we are the Digital Change Management with integrated new organs of innovation, freedom and mobility.


Our new Speed, with Digital IT-Software and our Super Human DNA will create a new tool set for changing our current technical infrastructure. Three examples shall guide us through the potential of a Semi EAMP Innovation world of 2022:


The Smart-Tech-People;


Digital Wellness Homes,




Yes, We Can, we are the DIGITAL Logistics change.


Let us like and push Digital Logistics 2030+, let us like and believe the future.


Copyright Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Jobst

Digital Logistics 2030-7:

How AI-Based Software can change technical machines to EAMPs, Semi-EAMP revolution part 3



The Smart-Tech-People

I drove and walked into the airport today, being accompanied with 2 smart phones, a tablet and 2 laptops, working on 3 projects with 4 email accounts and having fun and business conversations in 6 media set ups. I am a smart tech guy, release 1.0 and love to switch everything of with the MTB in the mountains. But switching it on is like a smart intelligent change for the better after some hours or days, it creates a network of knowledge, which I never want to miss again.


Now the release 2.0 of Smart-Tech-People can be seen with youngsters I watch or am breeding: They are part of the intelligence and or gaming network, I have now clue about, they live in a world with innovation in Minecraft or Wikipedia with a continuous ambition to be fast, intelligent and innovative.


Now release 3.0 of Smart-Tech-People will combine the body with the tools and both with the network. I do not know how it will look like but the medical devices of today will become integrated body devices, where your smart phone is managed with or as a connecting body implant, your intelligence will be in a network community to grow joint knowledge and intelligence with multiple layers of DNA innovation, and we will create a humanity of a new breed, faster, more intelligent with "Software" and more genetically connected coding.


Can we switch it off? Maybe, but evolution for the better will run for the better, the missing link to be better is to be Smart: Tech People need to be smart for mankind, Technology needs intelligent DNA with principles like the Declaration of Independence, People need to master the evolution of a new breed of people, negation will create the opposite: negation will create domination, monopolists and "bad, evil" AI. Smart Tech People are living with a new EAMP world as they are connected by multiple brains, tools and networks, they are true examples of the DCM to come, as we need to face and understand the impact of Smart-Tech-People to create the better world than the world of today.



Smart-Tech-People will live in Digital Wellness Homes, which will be beyond our current imagination. You will be able to book with a Virtual Airbnb tool set which creates a home on demand or selects the home on demand and will create a far better standard of living for the majority for people. You will have 2- and 3-dimensional service designs in any home to talk, read, listen, see, think, learn and enjoy. You will be able to analyze your mood to select the direction of combinations to go for.


You will be able to create food, leisure, fun or performance sport environment on a combined digital, technical, location based, VR-based Control Center, which will lead your wellbeing: your wellness: create your Home for a better life. Nobody can predict the mix of individual control, human friendly AI control and the mix of digital, technical and location based features, but we need to design this world with improved human gadgets, visions, presentations in everyone's house.


They are based on true EAMP service solutions, as no Digital Wellness Home will survive without them.



The opportunity and challenge developing true EAMP solutions is based on a correct understanding of hybrid solutions:


IT-based intelligence, better driving - life balance (0-traffic jam physical burden) and a direction towards Smart (self) driving solutions. This hybrid approach is a true human innovation service, a true change in focus of hybrid mix, a true potential to Digital Change Management.


Why Smart- and not Self-Driving?

Smart is the step one and Self Driving will be the Smart Completion of human innovation. Smart car solutions are an easy quick win with our current IT designs and IT developments:


German car makers can develop software to cheat measurements of pollution: it is a quick win to develop IT Software for Smart Car Management: It is easy to manage cars in Driving with Smart Car Solutions: You can be measured in your car, how many pickups of colleagues or shipments your car is achieving on the daily travel routes to work or the shopping center or to the fitness club. We can have a system of points, where we are measured of how many people we are picking up to go to work or leisure. 


If we achieve to create 2 instead of 1.x people in one car, we will reduce pollution in NOx or CO2 dramatically, 100...200% or more %. So Smart software solutions will be the future for innovation in our CURRENT cars. 


New startups should build new innovative software solutions to control and manage our CURRENT cars. Car manufactures need to open the closed markets in Software, IT and innovative internet solutions.


There needs to be a dead end of old fashioned navigation systems, silly complex IT Integration in cars and wrong views on monopoly in car mass production. Cars need to be Wellness products, innovative Semi EAMP Products, we will be able to create a true game changer for humanity, if we create Smart Driving IT Hybrids today. There is no need to wait for Tesla or Google, there is a need for Digital Change Management (DCM), we are in the middle of DIGITAL Logistics. We are the enablers of a better life: 2 more hours in freedom and creative intelligence, better environmental conditions, more fun in communities and a completely new start up and business culture.


And important for German and European views is an INTEGRATED view of public transport and individual transportation. The mass capacity of individual cars needs to be supported, innovated, controlled and managed by intelligent SMART software, with a diversity of solutions: Any car can easily integrate managed SMART traffic solutions with an integrated "WIFI -Laptop" controlling engine, car tools and drivers.


It is the "silliness", low DIGITAL adaptiveness of governments and technocrats administrative core functions that Europe and Germany are not leading the SMART Driving IT Hybrid industries and for sure the American “Global” monopolists are not waiting.


Giving Birth to the Smart-Tech-People, Building Digital- Wellness-Homes will create and support the Smart Driving IT Hybrids:


We need them to create our proven Intelligence of human super power, democratic and free, in love for mankind in love for the future.


We need to grow European, democratic, multicultural Digital Change Management for the better, we are living in world of creativity and innovation, we need to foster, grow and live for it.


Yes, We Can, we are the DIGITAL Logistics change.


Let us like and push Digital Logistics 2030+, let us like and believe the future.


Copyright Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Jobst

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