DIGITAL Technology Disruption 2030 /6 SEMI EAMPs of Today

Digital Technology Disruption in retail, AUTOMOTIVE and LOGISTICS

Battle for DIGITAL LOGISTICS 2030:


  AI creates SEMI-EAMPs of today


How the world in DIGITAL LOGISTICS is changing every day, a story through time: from today to tomorrow


Hello to all EAMP and DIGITAL LOGISTICS fans, thank you for your likes and reading.


We are moving on in our journey of INNOVATION and FUTURE in DIGITAL LOGISTICS. Let us remember the Development Phases of EAMPs in Digital Logistics:


Phase 0 Today:                             EAMPs on the horizon

Phase 1 3 -5 years:                     Semi-EAMPs with current capability profiles

Phase 2: 5 15 years:                  Semi-Innovation EAMPs with new AI and Digital capability profiles

Phase 3: 10 -20 years:                 Full EAMPs Battle for leadership in Digital Logistics


Previous articles referred to phase 0 and phase 3 of the EAMP Revolution in #logistics #retail and #automotive industries. The EAMP revolution is part of the DIGITAL LOGISTICS disruption in retail and logistics changing #MOBILITY. DIGITAL LOGISTICS will contain other Change Drivers like VR-Retailing and Magic Cube solutions.


Here we now want to concentrate on Phase 1: Semi-EAMPS with current capability profiles.


What are Semi-EAMPs?


Semi-EAMPs are products, which have a partial capability to grow into an Electric Auto Mobility Product by having structural, technical, software or market based functional changes created, compared to the current utilization of the product today.


We will split the products into different mobility products in our current age to further understand the potential direction towards being a Semi-EAMP. Obviously we are already in a Digital Disruption process and Semi EAMPs are reality and already in active operation. Mobility products and creative elements are:


  • Vehicles, who move people, products or other objects from A to B.
  • Technical Infrastructure, which creates the possibility for mobility to happen
  • Software Infrastructure, which creates the possibility for mobility to happen
  • Software, which plans, processes and controls mobility
  • People, which are service elements in creating mobility

The Key to evaluate the level of EAMP-qualification of a product is the definition of the level of EAMP-Quality of the product:


Electric, (EAMP) stands for a more efficient engine technology as today, we believe it will be the Electric motor. The more electrical your engine solution is the more you are EAMP.


Auto, (EAMP) stands for self-enabling technology as today, often linked only to self driving, we can also start with supportive driving technology.  The more supportive and self-driving your mobility solution is, the more you are EAMP.


Mobility, (EAMP) stands for extended mobile services, heavily influenced by digital mobile commerce, depending on technical, hardware and software infrastructure. The more mobile networks are available, the better the services for human mobility, the more EAMP you can get.


Product, (EAMP) stands for a product in the Electro Auto Mobility world. Products need to qualify for better integrated, more efficient, more environmental balanced services than in an isolated, under-utilized, polluted, pure technology world. The product is a true Digital Product in a DIGITAL world and can be defined as a product, a part of the new DIGITAL LOGISTICS world.  


Now the DIGITAL disruption is moving in a fast pace for: Technical Infrastructure (f. e.....I-phone), Software Infrastructure (f.e.Cloud), Software ( Frontend-solutions) and People (Mobile Commerce) into a new, demanding Global World, reaching out for the Moon, the Mars and the Universe.


The major missing part missing out on Global Digital world are the EAMP-vehicles and the INTERCONECTION of E A M, which is a real super human AI challenge, to create the EAMP revolution of a New Kind of innovation and enrichment for and of humanity.  So, there will be a boost of birth to new innovative EAMPs, when vehicles go DIGITAL, and the Human user is connecting to all other products and EAMP quality modules. And we are lucky, vehicles are on the Verge of DIGITAL Change!


Semi-EAMPs are the predecessors of real EAMPs, similar as the apes. before mankind started with the homo sapiens to live on earth. Semi-EAMPs are in an evolution process proof for the intelligence of our human race and they will be the base for a birth of real independent EAMPs, as pre-super humans serving apes for the foundation of the EAMP revolution.


What is the product range of Semi EAMPs?


The semi EAMPs product range will be solutions which create mobility improvements, run with supportive partly auto-/self-moving services (devices, movement-tools (cars, bikes, Trains, service specs designed for purpose) and ambitions to run mobility on technological advanced and environmental better conditioned engine-technology solutions (electric engines, hybrids, other new technologies like artificial gas or H2-water).


The product range of Semi EAMPs can be classified into Lead Components which characterize the Semi-EAMP and still shows the limits in terms of being a full size EAMP. The product range is in a continuous development and we can only show a limited spectrum of examples, here the readers are very much welcome to bring in own new semi EAMP product offerings, to discuss opportunities and start up developments.



E-driven Semi EAMPs

In the world of TESLA, the radical ambition to have a future change in technology and creating a service world of mobility offerings, the Electric car solution in combination with new services is a true E-driven Semi-EAMP.

The Electric car cannot be comfortably used without a network of chargers, a network of swapping batteries or cars. The crazy individualism, owning a car, loses with a full flash E-network.


The utilization of 1 electric car increases by a true shared service system and a digital control tower maximizes the service requirements for each consumer, user. It outperforms any individual car owner solution.

Swapping the interior for a business drive, shopping tour or vacation journey are elements you already can feel when you visit the FREEDOM Tower in New York.


The Change and Swap Programs are a true Semi EAMP feature, and we can be happy that Elon Musk is seeing TESLA not as a car. Tesla and many more, many more to come are true Semi EAMPs in the Digital Disruption to create the DIGITAL Logistics.


A-driven Semi EAMPs

The A in EAMP stands for Auto and often is misunderstand as equal word for self or even only self-driving which obviously is also read or concluded with auto, but auto can be far more. Auto stands for the generation of an activity which is created by an impulse, link or technical measurement without involving a third party, human being or another MANUAL interactive element (human, animal). If we need a human to drive: Auto as such expects a self-driving. In this sense, the word Auto, as equivalent, has been heavily misused.


A-driven Semi-EAMPs are obviously todays new products for auto-driving, which are tested with a group of Car manufacturers lead by BMW, or TESLA or many new initiatives lead by f.e. the Tech leaders Google, Apple or others. This will lead to a complete set of different A-driven Semi EAMPs very soon, maybe getting towards EAMPs, if other EAMP elements are adopted properly.


The not noticed ongoing A-driven SEMI-EAMP evolution can be summarized by an endless new support of self-intelligent service functionalities, which we are daily using and enjoy the new:  


Our Google Maps is offering restaurants, trips or connections by car or trainbased on the knowledge of the user interest and we get auto services and offers we can accept and choose out of. We no longer need a map, or a guide or an own search based on our own input. Google Maps and many more digital apps and tools are true auto Semi EAMPs, which will radically innovate our services and service expectations, including the control of the same.  


A-driven Semi EAMPs will connect to the E-driven and M-driven EAMP and will create a complete new understanding of life of a human. We will be able to extend our level of human control, intelligence and innovation to new fields of research, business and pleasure, which nobody of us is still completely aware of.

Obviously the auto needs a machine learning, big data base, algorithms and very fast we are in a true AI-Development environment, which we need to understand and (maybe) control. The A in EAMP is the A in AI.


We will have Artificial support as a Super Human, which will give the (semi) EAMPs complete new opportunities of development of service and understanding of the human nature, intellect and development.

It is a New World, similarly to the Declaration of Independence: we can liberate Germany with the fall of the wall or we can through the Atomic Bomb with AI. AI is infinite, there will be Good and Bad AI. With the trust in the good, also in God, we need to understand our needed power and the limits of our power, we will be able to develop the good, for the better of mankind, creating true semi EAMP innovations, where we cannot stop and will be supportive on the verge of the ET encounter.


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M-driven EAMPs

The Mobility, which we reached by building mass produced cars, has been a success and very important step from mankind to grow and develop on Earth. We can reach any point fast and with different services, cars, trains, planes or rockets.


Still being Mobile means far more than being able to move, it creates M-driven EAMPs create Mobility for any service, business or human need, which we would like to achieve.

The new Mobility is defined by moving:


·       without loss of time,

·       without binding capacity for drivers,

·       without having 95% empty machine capacity and

·       without an ecological footprint, which will kill earth in short term, looking at China and India, Africa to come.


M-driven EAMPs offer Mobility solutions for everybody: Consumers, B2B, Business or NON- business organizations with a new design of individualized network solutions.


Amazon, Uber, Alibaba or Google are all targeting the M-driven EAMP design very hard and the lack of innovation and Digital competence in retail, logistics and automotive industries just supports monopoly structures, which are to some extent inhuman, misses on diversity, misses on needs which are customized to the real target groups of life, business or humanity in its ownership for earth.


NEW M-drive Semi EAMPs are the new startups or DIGITAL CHANGE initiatives, which are catching pace in the world everywhere to create better services than the traffic jam individual driving, the waiting for customers in the store, or the making of money by moving and charging the palette multiple times upstream in the Global Supply Chain.


EAMP-Mobility is the Game changer for disruption and needs a good analysis of markets, a professional leadership and an ongoing innovative spirit.


M-Driven EAMPs life the heart of a new understanding of mobility. Very often today M-driven EAMPs are endless initiatives with little success of local or government based institutions, which is a shame for the actual opportunities and a reason for the success of TESLA, AMAZON and the TECH Disruptors.


Only, if the Automotive, Retail and Logistics industry will strive for leadership and battle in the development and implementation of M-driven Semi EAMPs, a real Global Enterprise scenario change will be possible.      


How can retailers and logistics Companies develop in the Semi-EAMP Revolution?


The Semi-EAMP revolution is a warning to the current stagnant retail, logistics and automotive industry.

Yet current companies like BMW, VW, Metro, Walmart, DHL or Maersk are strong, growing in in partially old fashioned business, but the Change Indicators are on the horizon.


Fates like as it happened to Nokia, IBM or Karstadt Quelle may be the Exit scenario, maybe the change will come with less velocity and more invisible understanding.


Worse is even the developments, which can occur to mid-size business, if the impact and the opportunity of the semi-EAMP revolution is not understood. Here extinction is the probable development.

What to do as small or medium sized retailer, logistics company? what to do as still market leader in your region or globally?


5 recommendations from the intellectual business understanding:




Start an understanding process of the IMPACT of the Semi EAMP revolution today: Analyze your lost sales, your lost customer trust, your lost new business development; analyze the threat of Tech-Logistics, analyze the new Digital Markets.



RUN a DECISIVE EAMP GROWTH development program: Digital Growth 2020+ !

Build a small but implementation driven team to develop your EAMP services in your field of expertise. Install organizational structures like DIGITAL Project teams. CDO- and DPMO functions to gain awareness and speed in true EAMP capabilities.



CREATE the CHANGE READINESS in the Organization for the New EAMP World!



CHANGE your current old-fashioned BUSINESS MODEL to a new EAMP DIGITAL BUSINESS MODEL, build a fair and logical transition program!




The EAMP revolution includes initiatives, which we yet do not know and understand.


Logistics will move to integrated innovation services with retail and automotive in the Semi EAMP revolution. Retail will move to integrated services with logistics and automotive in the Semi EAMP revolution. Automotive will move to integrated services with logistics and retail in the Semi EAMP revolution.


The Battle and partnership with Tech companies will be necessary. New companies will be developed. Individualism will need to fight for rights and control in the EAMP revolution. The 21. Century can and will be the next level of super human development. Those being late can still take the lead, in terms of business, country or individual.


Maybe many companies are now complaining about this article, that it shows a wrong or  black and white view. Obviously there are always exceptions, but the majority of retailers, logistics companies and automotive leaders did not yet understand the real impact of the Digital EAMP revolution, otherwise the innovation driven companies would not gain market share and take the market lead in innovations every day.


THANK YOU for your LIKES and Reading.


WE are part of the EAMP Revolution

Let us see in my next submission, how Scenarios of 2020 EAMP revolutions in a more extended design can look like.


Dietmar Jobst -copyright-



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