DIGITAL Technology Disruption 2030 /5

Digital Technology Disruption in retail, AUTOMOTIVE and LOGISTICS

Battle for DIGITAL LOGISTICS: Back to Phase 0 = Today


The Growth Path from EAMPs from TODAY to 2030


The future of mankind is strongly connected to his mobility in growing, extending his footprint in the world. We are moving from place to place in planes, trains, ships and cars. We as humans always wanted to explore the new world, the new world in Amerika, the flight to the moon, the reach of mars and the stars.


Mobility is a key for humanity. In Rockets, planes and trains we move in groups; in cars, we seldom reach a full utilization of our technology driven instruments. So now the technology hip is in a radical, disruptive change for the better of mankind.


Cars will have self-driving capability, networks which manage the demand and availability of mobile movements and will focus on services we need and not nice to have technology.


Speeding at 200 miles or km per hour is useless, if not in a formula 1 race, with e-engines. Burning of fossil energy in densely populated regions and cities is inhuman. Having an individual car in the garage is not the value you can get from this planet, looking at the amazing variety and richness of nature, adventure, culture and lifestyle.


The EAMP, the Electrical Auto Mobility Product will change our current inefficient Car and Traffic world to the Better. In 2030 the EAMP will be the dominating digital transport solution on the ground, potentially combined with drones in the air. Cars with horse powers and digital independence will be allowed only in specific areas, with limitations and government controlled movement locks.


There will happen from today to the Digital transportation world of EAMPs a Battle for leadership between the Innovation Tech leaders and the still dominating retail, automotive and logistics industries.


The process will be step by step, driven by innovation driven kills of the old industry, maybe similar like the process with the I-phone or in retail Amazon, but still open to many competitive scenarios. If you consider the patchwork of current Mobility forward ....following essential phases will be due to happen:


(in potentially different timing, in potentially different scenarios of global players and change innovation dominators):


Phase 0 Today:                             EAMPs on the horizon

Phase 1 3 -5 years:                       Semi-EAMPs with current capability profiles

Phase 2: 5 15 years:                  Semi-Innovation EAMPs with new AI and Digital capability profiles

Phase 3: 10 -20 years:                 Full EAMPs Battle for leadership in Digital Logistics



TODAY Phase 0: EAMPs on the horizon


The disruption in Digital Logistics is visual with current oligo- / monopoly jail breakers which you can experience in our daily business life:


Jail Breaker Digital Marketing

The advertising world is disrupted since years, all leading Tech companies build profitable revenues with online marketing, controlling the old-fashioned advertising agencies step by step. Digital Logistics with new Electric Auto Mobility Products will significantly benefit from Digital (Flash) Marketing. Products like Tesla 3 or Chinese Electrical Scooters will boost services due to a Global presence in the Internet of things, your tablet or smartphone, your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google account. Losers are the business leaders of yesterday, German (Diesel) car producers, fossil energy producers or Governments without or little digital footprint.


Jailbreaker Digital Technology

The Startups and the Hype for RFID or VR Innovation is in full implementation mode. The Key take away of current disruption in Digital Technology is not how and which service will succeed. There will be many and the battle is in full motion. Important is to understand, implement and utilize what we have:


Understanding of Digital technology available

Today any Smartphone can be located with 3-, 4- or 5G GPS solutions. Every Smartphone user is part of a Digital Technology disruption. The location mapping can be transferred to any technical instrument, in con conclusion any Electric Auto Mobility product. We are visible, we can be misused or we use the existing Technology for our own comfort and service.


Today Software is used to manipulate pollution reports in cars or to optimize Macro Logistics, like shared service apps or local or global market places. Digital Technology allows a fundamental improvement of our current machines, if used in favor of an optimization


New Implementation and utilization of Digital Technology

In conclusion, any car can be transferred into a EAMP product using Digital Technology: You can allocate your car for multiple use, you can switch of cars with high pollution impact and you can manage mobility by steering usage and technical restrictions in favor of a better professional and private life.


Learning how to create EAMPs with Digital Technology

EAMPs can be created with adoptions of current Machines ((Cars, Motorcyclesany machine supporting mobility) by using our current Digital Technology.


Jailbreaker New Mobility Technology

Everybody knows about Tesla 3, other multiple E-Car initiatives, but many do not know about the disruptive Innovations in emerging countries. China plans to sell 11.000 E-Scooters only in Europe, there are new electric street motorcycles for less than 12.000 Euro in the market and others are developing E-SUVs. Obviously, many Hybrid Cars and alternative motor innovations (H2O, artificial synthetic fuel) are in discussion and development. The readiness for EAMPs, Electrical Auto Mobility products is growing very day. Key to the technology innovation is the Customer centric directions of all innovations. The car as a high-speed luxury car, with endless features depending on money for sportive, fast and comfortable driving, hits its innovation limits. There is a clear trend to disruptive diversified cars = EAMPs (Electric Auto Mobility products) EAMPs can be short distance scooters, long distance sportive E-MTBs, newly integrated Small Distance self-driving cars at 20 mph or a hop and Pick EAMP sharing program and network.


Jailbreaker Digital Mobility

Digital Marketing and Digital Technology leads to a new customer centric innovation-driven Service of Digital Mobility: You suddenly know your neighbor wants ice-cream too and you get an invitation to bring him one, when you enter your demand in you Shared Service App. You get an amazing variety of local or better (maybe cheaper) shopping solutions with a Market Service which includes the mobility service. The story could be extended to robots, magic market solutions and health care services. the Digital Mobility will be the dawn of a new Age of Mobility services, which will be a new AGE of DIGITAL LOGISTICS, which make old individual cars more and more useless or transforms them to Specialist-EAMPs, kits to attach to the Car based on on Demand and EAMPS-Solution-availability.


The Cars of today, the Infrastructure of our current world and country, the IT and Mobile Commerce devices we have now have an extraordinary opportunity to start the EAMP-Revolution now. It takes place every day and we only need to open our eyes, participate and take the lead in the field we are specialists in or where we want to learn and grow into.


WE are part of the EAMP Revolution

Let us see in my next submission, how Scenarios of 2020 EAMP revolutions can look like.


Dietmar Jobst -copyright-



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