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Digital Technology Disruption in retail, AUTOMOTIVE and LOGISTICS

Disruptive innovation: Mobile commerce Phase 2: The EAMP REVOLUTION


The evolution of the E-Auto Mobility product (EAMP) is based on several -for humanity developments- critical success factors. They cannot be explained in depth (in this Blog) but need understanding and discussion to forecast the next wave of digital disruption, clearing the path for a century or decade of Digital Logistics changes.


Success factor Global Economies

The rise of Global Economies in China, India and very soon Africa will further stress the need to extend Mobility Solutions for 5 - 6 Billion of people. The current growth and race in China but also wealth in India and upcoming Africa sets clear frontiers to:

·       the fossil energy consumption,

·       the amount of movements you can allow in a regional cluster of millions of inhabitants,

·       the infrastructure you can build and

·       the additional environmental burden you create for Earth and Humankind.


Success factor Macro Logistics growth and congestion

The ongoing development of Global trade and increase of human wealth and life expectation increases the demand for movements in populated dense areas with strong and stable lifestyle and life balance expectations.


Not utilized, inefficient capacities cannot be tolerated for the sake of individualism and self-optimized wishes looking at the best for larger group of people, inhabitants and citizens.


The current macro logistics in Cities, regions with high density of population and regional with over proportional growth rates is no longer tolerable, cannot be solved by additional infrastructure and creates a continuous dissatisfaction for all participants: workers, shoppers, lifestyle lovers, life balance expects.


Success factor Service Extension and Specialization from "Car, Mover" to Auto Mobility product

The inventors of the car thought of creating a true "Auto", a Perpetuum Mobile, but Industries decreased the value to a product, which only can be steered by a human, it is owned by a human and it is created by technical focused companies to be bought by a human.


The E-Auto Mobility product (EAMP) will not be driven by a Human, it will not be bought by a Human and it will be designed to optimize the Mobility for humans with different requirements.


Core requirements and functionalities of the EAMP will be perfection in Go to Work services, Perfection in shopping services, perfection in transport services, perfection in travel vacation services or more. The car for all functionalities will be a fun-old-timer with limited allowance to be on the road or linked to specific "fun roads".


Success factor AI capability

The run for forming AI Solutions is a story which is further developed than public opinion knows.


The Global Tech companies, Populist individuals and Research and Development departments of companies and NGOs know about the AI reality.


The capability of the artificial intelligence is heavily impacting daily work already (my I-pad helps me every minute with improvement suggestions, I love to listen and get proposals and it learns how to use them further). Machine Learning will create a complete new opportunity in digital services as we stop using machines inefficiently, egoistically and not programmed to foresee the next service and improvement.


AI will enable E-Auto Mobility products of a new kind, they will run in networks and will be specialized to the Big Data Needs of a Region, City or village.


Global Economies, Macro logistics, Global Service Extension and Specialization and AI will transform technical cars to E-Auto Mobility products (EAMPs). E-Auto Mobility products will lead to fundamental changes in Digital logistics.


The E-Auto Mobility product (EAMP) will have certain features, developed CORE functionalities, which are fundamentally different to current End of lifecycle Mobility Solutions:



Enviromental and capacity friendly technology of electric power engines. 



AI based utilization- and network-management: E-Auto Mobility products will work, move and pause based on AI based instructions of a GPS based order book. The utilization is based on the booking of the AI Control-System and secures better or equal services as today (if you have a car to drive from home to work today, the E-Auto Mobility product tomorrow will be at your home to drive you to work on time). The E-Auto will be booked, driven and paused in with no individual interference.



Differentiation of EAMP-services will create a diversified E-Auto Mobility product range. There will be different types of E-Auto Mobility products (EAMPs), which will work in networks of needs in an existing infrastructure based on requirements and peak management services. The E-Auto Mobility products (EAMPs) range will extend continuously but will at minimum contain:


·       Short distance EAMPs for work

·       Short Distance EAMPs for Shopping

·       Short Distance EAMPs for Networking, Fun and Going out

·       Short Distance EAMPs for transport

·       long Distance EAMPs


CORE functionalities are to be further detailed.


The EAMPs will differ in inner design, AI support, services, technical features and velocity.


Author`s discussion guidelines for EAMPs:


1            Short Distance EAMPs will run at speeds of 20-50 km max., technical features will be adjusted to requirements.


2            EAMPS for work, shopping networking, fun or going out will not contain baggage and transport Solutions, these requirements will be serviced by EAMPs for transportation.


3            Long distance EAMPs will connect to short distance EAMPs.


4            EAMPs will run in optimized networks with fixed velocities and plug-run-control automatic driving solutions.


By 2030 a large part of our current Macro logistics will move fully to EAMPs or maybe call the Auto-bots of different functionalities. The individual car will be an old-timer like the Steam-engine is today.


The transition phase from today to tomorrow will be a world of start ups, job potentials and battles for market leadership.


SEMI EAMPs are currently on the verge of evolution, see TESLA 3, the GOGGLE Car or Uber and Amazon Fresh.


The EAMPs, SEMI EAMPs  will change the Retail-, Logistics- and Automotive-Industries fundamentally. EAMPs are part of the Digital Logistics 2030, still they will create further need of change in each Industry and will disrupt the retailers and logistics service providers in additional waves of Digital innovations.


Core elements of Digital Logistics together with EAMPs will be VR Super Stores (Phase 3) and Magic Cubes (Phase 4).


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