Super Mobility Powers

Lead players for Super Mobility (Picture 1)

Super Mobility Powers the new Digital Disruption for Mankind?

Innovation for regional diversity at the edge -

Dietmar Jobst / DSCEGlobal 

We are living in a storm of change. We experienced the Computer in the 1980s, the IoT at the beginning of the new century, the Steve Jobs Innovation program, the change towards e-mobility and today AI, robotics and self-driving cars.

2Key Questions can be asked in the evaluation of the Digital Change Area?



Is it for the better of mankind, for us individuals?


How is the business entrepreneurial development impacted by the storm of change?


Both will lead to a proposal for the next big what, the next big Digital Disruption, the answer where to go from where we are. Maybe an idea, a discussion base or a truth or the truth for the time to come, summarized as the


Disruption Proposal 2020+:      

The Growth Potential with human Super Mobility Powers.


Answer to 1:

Yes, the Digital change makes humanity richer, faster and better in networking. We are integrated in a spider web of innovations, more and more equally spread over all continents. We respect human rights and human values far better than in the age of kings and European Western cultural dictatorship. We are no longer single-religious truth believers but multicultural fans of building the universe and a better humanity.


Yes, we are still on track for improvement, but we need to watch out for 2.


Answer to 2:

The business development in the Digital Change Area created new nearly monopolistic business structures in digital services which conquer the world. The name of the tech giants adds up to the names of the retail and logistics giants.


Here the individual freedom, equality and brotherhood symbols of the French revolution are weakening and are challenged by a network-humanity managed by few.


Human control and freedom need to be redefined, needs further super human evaluation of improvement.


Disruption Proposal 2020+


The human Digital and Physical Network is congested with overloads of technological, unutilized or inefficient cathedrals and Data-Garbage due to Spam and Fae-News.


Both needs correction. The physical infrastructure in cars, Global supply chains and fossil energy technologies need a redesign and rebuild, if we want to keep earth as a living planet. The Global data monopolies can be used by few and are not in service for many.


The answer to improve both lies in a new definition of mobility to grow humanity. Super Mobility needs to link the need to go mobile, physically or in the IoT, by efficient, optimized resources to service humanity better and sustainable long lasting.


Super Mobility can derive from Tech companies, auto- logistics- or retail-giants or by human capitalistic socialism itself (Picture 1). 


Super Mobility (Definition Picture 2) means to build new physical service systems which are fully utilized for each customer and service optimized for everybody. Super Mobility does not mean to create a huge inefficient output of new car production, which are utilized 5%. Super mobility does not mean to create endless logistics hubs and infinite parcel deliveries over the planet. Super Mobility does not mean to create endless malls or stores to sell what has been produced cheap somewhere else


New physical service systems can be created with integrating the Data Control, where individual human needs are combined with human network needs. Both in conclusion will lead to disruptive new services of all current and new auto solutions (cars, bikes, warehouses, retail stores) for B2B, B2c and C2C business solutions which will disrupt our current inefficient micro and macro mobility environment. It will change the Retail Logistics -Tech world.


We will create new SUPER MOBILITY POWERS. Super Mobility powers need to be controlled by humanity, so the leaders of the world in business and politics need to set the milestones for Human control and development of SUPER MOBILITY POWERS. This will lead to a new disruptive level of improvements. 


And: Small is Beautiful. Super Mobility Powers do not need a uniform MCD structure. The can be individually regionalized and lead by local leaders and people, embedded in cross regional services. DJ 

Definition of Super Mobility Powers (Picture 2)